ShinyMind App

As part of the Somerset ICS Enhanced Occupational Health and Wellbeing Pilot, FREE ACCESS to the SHINY MIND app is offered to ALL Health and Care personnel across Somerset including: Primary and Secondary Care, Care Homes and Care Facilities, Pharmacies, Social Care, and all Voluntary Care Sectors, for both Frontline and Back Office Support staff.

Where other apps are for general population users, Shiny Mind is a Resilience and Wellbeing App designed specifically for Health and Care staff, where the very nature of the job can expose the staff to daily stress and pressure.

The app encompasses the Mindset programme: “Resilience; Your Mindset; Your Choice” which includes over 100 interactive psychotherapeutic exercises, all backed by research, WHOLE PERSON focused, and  which are grounded in a variety of models of behavioural change. Included are 11 Masterclasses which can be accessed time and again, as needed, as well as breathing exercises, meditation techniques and a variety of other tools.

The app tailors itself to the individual user, using their preferred language and style and providing a confidential, personal and safe environment. There is no internal or external sharing of data or information and all GDPR regulations are strictly adhered to. The user can, however, build their app community from friends and colleagues across the app, and send messages, positivity posts or Shout Outs to encourage or share with others within the app.

The app will also give users a daily Inspire Me notification to lift your mood and twice weekly positivity nudges. There is also a 24/7 SOS button to get instant help for those who may be feeling overwhelmed.

The research from over 2,500 users currently using the app shows the following:

  • 99% of people felt that it had a positive impact on them
  • 97% said it improved their resilience
  • 96% said it helped them to cope and manage stress better
  • 99% of people would recommend it to their colleagues

To sign up for your FREE ACCESS, just complete your details via the following link:

 For more information or any queries, please contact

REACTMH® Active Listening Skills

REACTMH® Active Listening Skills training enables Managers/Supervisors to identify and engage in meaningful wellbeing conversations, using “active listening” techniques, to identify and support colleagues struggling with pressures that are impacting their daily mental health.

This training is for ALL Health and Care Staff and Volunteers across Somerset, including Primary and Secondary care, Social Care, Council, Trusts and others, to ensure staff are heard and supported in their Mental Health needs at work.

If you would like further information or to book REACTMH® training please contact

To ensure that REACTMH® gains the greatest reach, the Somerset ICS Enhanced Occupational Health and Wellbeing Pilot have implemented the TRAIN THE TRAINER course alongside REACTMH®, to train Healthcare Managers across the system. This Two and a half hour course will provide Managers with the knowledge and skills to train other managers within their organisation in the REACTMH® techniques, to ensure this program reaches all organisations and departments.

If you are interested in becoming a REACTMH® Trainer for your organisation, please contact

Emotional Logic

What is Emotional Logic?

When change happens, we may experience loss. Emotional Logic is a logical method that helps us make sense of the seven main loss emotions, and work through them effectively and grow in the process, by reconnecting with our personal values.

Loss emotions can feel unpleasant and confusing, EL enables you to make sense of the natural responses to change and loss empowering you to ‘come through stronger’ when faced with life’s challenges.

Emotional Logic is NOT a therapy, it is a system of life long learning.

What are we offering?

Would you like to develop a skillset to help you to help you cope with change by understanding and disentangling stuck loss emotions?

Tier 1 Introductory Training is Workbook based learning supported by eight short online learning modules of 5-8 minutes each, accompanied by downloadable supporting reference materials. To complete at your own pace.

Who is Emotional Logic training for?

Training is available for all Health and Care staff and volunteers in Somerset.

To enrol please contact the Somerset ICS team at