From ‘informed’ to ‘infused’ – why we all need to be talking about health and wellbeing and wellbeing infused

From Informed to Infused – YouTube

Dr Lorna Stewart – Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Lead for Colleague Psychological Health, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Are you struggling to keep your health and wellbeing high? Is your team in need of an infusion of health and wellbeing? Join our virtual conference to hear about the most common roadblocks and how to overcome them from Dr Lorna Stewart.

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Menopause & HRT

Menpoause and HRT – YouTube

Dr Kathryn Patrick – Director of Primary Care, Yeovil District Hospital

A very relaxed informal talk about menopause and HRT including some myth busting and an opportunity for Q&A.

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Food & Mood

Food and Mood – YouTube

Anna Preece – Assistant Psychologist, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

What role does food play in supporting good mental wellbeing? Exploring the links and providing practical ideas to try yourself.

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Journalling for Health

This is Journalling – YouTube

Sarah Glasgow – Author, Frank + Feel

Written reflections are a proven way to support our mental and emotional wellbeing. Join this 50-minute session for practical ways to bring journalling into your days without having to go out of your way to do so. Writer, and decades-long journalling enthusiast, Sasha of Frank+Feel, will guide us through the session with some journalling prompts you can take and make your own, as well as a few how-to suggestions for busy days.

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“Its good to talk – building effective working relationships”

It’s good to talk Building effective working relationships – YouTube

Michelle Jennings – Mediation & Resolution Lead, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

An interactive session exploring the importance of understanding our needs, the impact we have on others and tips and skills to support being brave and effective in tricky conversations.

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Chair Based Yoga

Chair based yoga – YouTube

Rachael Gillies – Lusanyoga

Join us for a practical chair-based yoga session.

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How to set up a wellbeing club in your organisation

How to setup a Wellbeing Club – YouTube

Sarah Cherry – Health and Wellbeing and Volunteers Manager

A step by step guide to the practicalities of starting a club at work – the successes and the challenges.

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For a better future for you and me, think sustainably

For a better future for you and me, think sustainability – YouTube

Richard Harper – Head of Sustainability, Energy and Carbon, SFT

Jackie Benham – Sustainability & Environment Advisor, SFT

Sustainability can play a big part in helping to save money in your home. The Sustainability team will share some ideas on living sustainably that help you and help the local and global environment.

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How to support your colleagues and friends through bereavement

How to support friends and colleagues through bereavement – YouTube

Sarah-Jane Trevor – Marie Curie

A talk on the reality of what you can do to support your friends, family and colleagues during their experiences of bereavement.

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A conversation about kindness and inclusion

A Conversation about kindness – YouTube

Harriet Jones – Head of Inclusion, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Anna Baverstock – Consultant Paediatrician, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

In conversation, Anna and Harriet with cover the key topics including: kindness, inclusion, psychological safety in teams, the importance of trust, inclusive organisations and the importance of allyship – use this version for the programme.

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Dementia Friends Training Session

Dementia – YouTube

Roger Knight – Dementia Friend

Dementia Friends is about learning more about dementia and the small ways you can help. Come to the session to find out more.

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Being in nature – the wellbeing effect

Being in Nature – YouTube

Kristen Lambert – Somerset Wildlife Trust

Join Kristen Lambert from the Somerset Nature Connections Project in a session looking at connecting with nature for wellbeing with practical activities to inspire and enthuse.

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Autism Acceptance and it’s impact on wellbeing

Autism Acceptance – YouTube

Eliana Brimacombe – Chair Autistic Colleague Network, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

This session will focus on introducing the social model of disability, equality vs equity, how to be confident about welcoming autistic colleagues and how to be a confident ally.

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How to save energy

How to save energy – YouTube

Deb Geraghty – Centre for Sustainable Energy

Find out about energy saving behaviour and gain some helpful hints and

tips for use in your home.

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It’s a Zoo around here – communication styles and how to spot the differences

Communication Styles – YouTube

Helen Stobbs – Head of International Recruitment Operations

This session will cover understanding different communication styles and how knowing your dominant traits can help better communication in teams.

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Understanding Sleep

Understanding Sleep – YouTube

Dr Justin Pepperell – Consultant Respiratory & Thoracic medicine

Sleep – why we need it, what’s normal, practical tips and some considerations for shift workers.

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“How to guide” for the Shiny Minds App

Shiny Mind App – YouTube

Beatrice Hart – Assistant Psychologist, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Shiny Minds app – come and take a step by step guide into how to get the best out of the app which supports good mental health. Please download the app before the session as it may take up to 3 days to register your application.

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Understanding Stress

Understanding Stress – YouTube

Mollie Puttock-Jones – HR Officer – Policy & Projects, Somerset County Council

This session will cover some key topics, what stress is, what causes it, the impact and how to find a balance.

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Starting from scratch how to introduce wellbeing into your organisation

Starting from Scratch – YouTube

Jess Henry – Head of OD & Learning and Development, Somerset Care

Hannah Charlton – Learning & Development manager – Somerset Care

We are one of the largest not for profit care companies in the UK, and we deliver care and support to people in their own homes and in our residential and nursing homes. We have been working on our wellbeing initiatives for the last 18 months and we’d love to share some of our learning with you.

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Being Active at Work

Being active at work – YouTube

Jane Knowles – Chief Executive Officer, SASP

Sarah Coombs – Communications & Development Manager, SASP

Exploring the key themes, this interactive session will get us thinking as well as the chance to get us moving whilst at our desks.

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